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Which verse has been omitted from the Holy Quran according to Umm al- Muminin Ayisha?


Riza’ (Nursing) verse: Malik has quoted from Ayisha in the book “Muwatta” that she said: “according to what was revealed in the Holy Quran nursing for ten times made foster relationship. Then it was abrogated and replaced by “five times”, and the Prophet (s.a.w.) passed away while this verse was recited with the term “ten times” before”. [1]
The quoted verse from Ayisha, like Umar’s verses cannot be from text of the Holy Quran, and if it was from the Holy Quran, it would be written in copies of the Holy Quran and there was no reason for omitting it. [2]

resources and references

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Ref: www.makarem.ir

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