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What verses have been omitted from Ahzab Surah according to Ayisha’s opinion?


Urwah ibn Zubayr quotes from Ayisha about Ahzab Surah that she said:
“Ahzab Surah has two hundred verses when it was recited at the time of the Prophet (s.a.w.), but when Uthman wrote the Quran, he just found the same verses which are available now”. (1) (2)

resources and references

1- Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, vol. 5, p. 180, Tafsir Ahzab Surah; al-Tiqan, vol. 3, p. 82, al-Nuw’ al-Sabi’ wa al-Rabi`un fi Nasikhah wa Mansukh.
2- Tahiri Khurram Abadi, the Absence of Distortion in the Quran, p. 69.
Ref: www.makarem.ir

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