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Does Shia believe in the distortion of Quran, according to what ibn Hazm has said?


He has said that: “So far Imamate Shia have had belief in the distortion of Quran”. In addition he has said that: “many of Quran’s verses have been omitted, many verses have been added to Quran and many have been distorted. Only one of Imamate Shia, Ali ibn Hasan (1) ibn Musa ibn Muhammad, has had no belief in Quran’s distortion and he has pretended to be Mu’tazili, because he has considered the one who distorts Quran, as an infidel”.
I wish ibn Hazm showed us an authentic book from Shia, which proved this accusation. If the readers do some research, it will be clarified that all of Shia scholars reject this accusation. Some of these scholars are as follows: Shaykh Sadduq in “’Aqayid” book (2), Shaykh Mufid (3), Shaykh Tusi in “Tebyan” (4), Amin al-Islam Tabarsi in “Majma’ al-Bayan” (5), ‘Alam al-Huda Sayyid Murtaza (6) (the writer has confessed to this matter, himself), and others. Therefore according to what that light-mind man has thought, Sayyid Murtaza is not the only one among the Shiite, who has denied the distortion. How would it be possible the Shia accept this accusation, when there is a verse in Quran concerning its preservation against distortion? (7)

resources and references

1. It has been mentioned in al-Fisal [4/182], and it has also been narrated from him in Sunnis books, and its correct name is Ali ibn Husain, who has also been called Sayyid Murtaza ‘Alam al-Huda.
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7. Refer to the following verse:
إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا الذِّکْرَ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ
Surely we have revealed the reminder and we will most surely be its guardian. A comprehensive selection of al-Ghadir, p. 283
Ref: www.makarem.ir

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