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[On the commands of Allah, Hazrat Vali-e-Asr is in occultation right from the commencement of his Imamat. Hence as opposed to his forefathers (a.s.), Imam's meetings with his Shias have been few and far between. By and large, the problems of the people have been presented before his esteemed self in the form of letters and “Areeza” (“Areeza” is a letter of requests written by the Shias to the Imam of their time). And Imam (a.s.) too has reciprocated in a similar manner. The letters of Imam-e-Zaman (a.s.) are terminologically called as “Tawqee”. These Tawqees have been assimilated in several books. Hazrat Ayatullah Syed Hasan Shirazi (may Allah purify his soul) has compiled these letters in a book by the name of “Kalemat-ul-Imam al-Mahdi”. This single book contains all the letters of Imam (a.s.) which are found in different books. Originally the book was written in Arabic. Dr. Syed Hasan Sabzawari has translated this book into Persian by the same name. The answers to the questions mentioned below, have been given by Imam (a.s.) himself. These replies have been compiled from various letters that were sent to him (a.s.) in the course of his Ghaibat. To that extent the letters of Imam (a.s.) constitute “half a meeting” with him, and the same is being presented in your service. We pray to Allah that this endeavour is accepted by our pure Imam (a.s.) We look forward to that day when we can present to you an interview conducted by personally meeting Imam (a.s.). Inshallah] Which chapter (surah) is recommended for recitation in namaz? But traditions also speak about the rewards of reciting other surahs. For instance, it has been reported from traditions that the one who recites surahe "Homazah" will get the reward equal to this world?

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One who does not recite the chapter of Qadr (surahe "Inna anzalna") in his namaz then his namaz is not accepted. And the one who does not recite the chapter of Tauheed (surahe Qulho wallah) in his namaz, then his namaz is not pure.
There can be no disputing that he will get the reward which is mentioned in the traditions (for reciting surahe "Homazah"). But if a person forsakes any surah and recites surahe Qadr and surahe Tauheed, then not only will he get the reward of reciting these two surahs but will also get the reward of the surah which he has left (in order to recite these two surahs). Of course he can recite any other surah that he wishes, but then he will have abandoned something that carries a lot of reward.
[p. 214-216]

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