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According to the Shia, What is the rules and regulation of interpreting the Holy Qur’an?

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WE BELIEVE that the words of QURAN should commonly be taken for their fundamental meanings and not for their connotations, with the exception of some, that clear reasons prove them to mean other ways. The verses in QURAN should never be commentated on the basis of conjectures or self-interests. As an instance when we read in QURAN:
“And he who was blind in this world, will be blind in the hereafter (next world), and most astray from the path (of salvation).” (The Holy Quran _ S17: 72)
We are sure enough that blind in this verse does not mean, sightless. It rather means someone who has lost his sense of understanding and judgment, and not him who has lost his sense of vision. This is because there are many a blind one, who is virtuous and truthful, and on the contrary, there are many who can see well with their eyes, but who are out of mind and their hearts are locked up and cannot use even their common sense! As another example we may consider the following verse about the enemies of Islam:
“The parable of those who reject faith is that of a man (i.e. the prophet) who calls an animal that can hear nothing except a shout or cry. DEAF, dumb and blind are they, and void of wisdom (they understand nothing).” (The Holy Quran _ S2: 171)
It is evident that those hertics who are addressed here, were not deaf, dumb or blind. We then may conclude that they were mentally such. Therefore when we read in Quran such verses that:
“The HANDS of God are widely out stretched” (The Holy Quran S5: 67)
“O, NOAH! construct the ark under OUR EYES.” (S11: 37)
We don't understand that God has physical hand or eye. We rather take hand to mean GOD'S POWER and the EYE to mean HIS KNOWLEDGE. This is because any material or matter consists of parts and needs time and space, as well as direction and is of course perishable. God the Almighty is far Greater and clear of having such attributes.
We never take the fundamental meaning of such words as mentioned above which is not reasonable.
“We sent not any Apostle, except to teach in the languge of his own people, in order to clear things for them.” (The Holy Quran _ S14: 4)

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Ref: Our Belief (a brief description of Islam: Shiite believe); Ayt. Makarem Shirazi; Translated by: Monir Shafiei

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