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Is there anything I can read to increase my memory, I forget things very easily sometimes, and is there anything Islam says which causes forgetfulness?

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There are many things to increase the memory, such as memorizing Quran, repeating Estighfaar, repeating Salawaat, and reading this Du'a after Namaz: Sub-Hana Manla Ya'tadi 'Ala Ahli Mamlakatih, Sub-Hana Manla Ya'khuthu Ahlal Ardhi Bi Alwaanil 'Athaab, Sub-Hanal Ra'oof Al Raheem.Allahumma Ij'alli Fi Qalbi Nooran Wa Basaran Wa Fahman Wa Ilma, Innaka Ala Kulli Shayee'in Qadeer. Wassalam. Mohammad al-Musawi

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