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Is this saying of Ibn Taymiyah true that the verse of It`am isn't about the household of the Prophet (a.s.)?

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Ibn Taymiyah says that:
“Allama Hilli quotes some false narrations that signifies ignorance of him, for example he says that: “the Hal Ata Surah (Al- Insan) has been revealed about the household of the Prophet (a.s.)”, it is a lie, because Hal Ata has been revealed in Mecca in the consensus of opinion of scholars, and the marriage of Ali and Fatima has taken place after emigration to Medina and Hasan and Husayn has been born after revelation of Hal Ata Surah, so his lies are obvious for those who are aware of cause of revelation of verses and the life story of the household of the Prophet (s.a.w.).” (1)
Unawareness and ignorance of this person is not restricted to one subject, but he is ignorant about Islamic beliefs, various sects and religions, life history of the Prophet (s.a.w.), Islamic Laws, traditions and also Quranic sciences, he is so ignorant that he dose not understand the following matters:
1- It is a common matter in the holy Quran that some verses of a Surah which has been revealed in Mecca, have been revealed in Medina or vice versa, do not negate each other, and this is a common thing in Quran’s Surrahs, (2) as Ibn Hisar said that: “sometimes a verse of a Surah which has been revealed in Mecca, has been revealed in Medina and vice versa.” (3)
2- The most confident way for differentiating between a Meccan and Medinite Surah if a Surah has been revealed in Mecca or Medina is that there should be diffused traditions about the cause of revelation of the verse, not undocumented and broken traditions, so Shia has not falsified the tradition to be a reason for the ignorance of its narrator i.e. Allamah Hilli, but many great Sunni scholars have quoted this narration and if there is a problem with this narration, Sunni scholars and Allama Hilli are the same.
3- He claims that scholars have unanimously agreed that it has been revealed in Mecca, this is not true, but most of scholars have contradicted that, as Khazin has quoted from Mujahid and Ghutadah and many of Sunni narrators in his Tafsir. (4)
4- Although some people such as: Hasan, Akramah, Kalbi and the others have believed that this Surah has been revealed in Mecca, but they have specified that the verses of Ita’m have been revealed in Medina.
5- His saying that if a Surah has been revealed in Mecca, it’s revelation would be certainly before emigration, is not true, because it is possible that the verse has been revealed after emigration and in the last pilgrimage of the Prophet (s.a.w.) (Hajj al- Wida’), especially, according to Ibn Jubair, Hasan, Zahhak, Akramah, Atta’ and Ghutadah that have said: (واسيرا) “and captives” it includes all believers even slaves, Ibn Jubair and others believe in it. (5)

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