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Is this claim of ibn Taymiyah’s true that Shira’ verse is not about Imam Ali (a.s.)?

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Ibn Taymiyah says that: “revelation of the verse about Imam Ali (a.s.) is a lie by unanimous agreement of traditionalists and historians”. [1]
In answer to him, we should say that: firstly, ibn Taymiyah’s claim for denying the original event is a baseless claim; because none of the Sunni scholars have declared the falsehood of this narration, except ibn Taymiyah and he is expected to say such a statement; because he is anti-Shia by assertion of many Sunni scholars, he is the enemy of Prophet’s household (a.s.), and his books provide some evidences in this regard. As a result, ibn Taymiyah claims something that no one knows and attributes a false matter to Sunni scholars. This is his reaction to the narrations of the virtues of the Prophet’s household (a.s.).
Secondly, many of the great Sunnis scholars have quoted this narration in their books [2], without finding any fault with it, and even some have emphasized its correctness such as Hakim Nayshaburi and Zahabi. [3] [4]

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