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Is this saying of the Sunni true that the verse of Proclamation has been revealed regarding the protection of the Prophet (s.a.w.) in Medina?

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Some of the Sunni scholars have justified the verse of Proclamation in such a way to make it irrelevant to neither the event of Ghadir nor the leadership of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.). They believe that before the revelation of this verse, the Prophet’s life (s.a.w.) used to be protected but after the revelation of the verse and God’s promise to protect his life, the Prophet (s.a.w.) discharged the guards and told them, “(you are free to) go, (the Exalted) God protects me”.
In reply to them we say that: first, this matter that the mentioned verse has been revealed twice -once in the beginning of his prophetic mission and another time in the late of his prophetic mission in Medina [1]- cannot be considered as a solution, because if the verse had been revealed in the beginning of his prophetic mission, in which there is God’s promise, it would have not been necessary to protect the Prophet’s life (s.a.w.) in Medina by his companions. Second, basically the Sunni commentators have considered these narratives unusual and they have consensus on this matter that the mentioned verse had been Medinite and it had been revealed in the late of the Prophet’s prophetic mission, and it is in contrast to the narrative specifying that the verse has been revealed to stop the Prophet’s protection by Abi Talib (a.s.)” [2], because according to the narrative, the Prophet’s protection (s.a.w.) was in Mecca, while the verse was Medinite. Third, if these narratives have valid documents, they are not in concerned with the verse and there isn’t any inconsistency between them and the verse, but the narratives clarify the Prophet’s argument (s.a.w.) for a part of the verse, and there is a big difference between the cause of revelation of the verse and the Prophet’s argument for a part of the verse [3].

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