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Is prostrating to other than God forbidden?

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Prostration is accepted when it is preformed to display the best form of worship (for God). What is forbidden is worshiping other than God, whether it is done by prostrating (to other than God) or by some other form of worship. Those who consider (the angles) prostration to Adam (a.s) as forbidden, have assumed that prostration - itself - is worship. Such an assumption is incorrect, because if it was so (correct), then at no point would prostration be other than worship; while it is possible that prostration is performed as mockery. According to this, worship is particular to God, while prostration in and of itself is not particular to God. If prostrating to other than God is forbidden, then it is due to rational and/or legal deduction, which states that it is forbidden to give the status of Lordship to other than God (by means of prostration). In conclusion, prostration is preformed out of respect for someone; thus it can be performed for someone (Adam (a.s)) who is the representative and sincere servant of God.

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Book: Tafsir Al-Mizan Vol. 1 p. 122, Author: Tabatabai, Muhammad Husain
Ref: www.al-shia.org

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