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When it is said that the Quran is from Allah (swt), what is meant? Does it mean that the meaning is from Allah, or that even the wording is from Him?

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When it is said that the Quran is from Allah (swt), it can have different meanings, each meaning being more profound and deeper than the other, these meanings are:
First: The revelation of the meanings and the messages
Second: The revelation of the words
Third: The revelation of the combination of the words that form the verses
Fourth: The revelation of the order of the verses
Fifth: The revelation of the order of the Surahs (chapters)
(The two last meanings relate to the collection of the Quran that needs to be explained separately. [1]
For more information you can refer to this book:
Mabanie Kalamie Ijtehad, Mahdi, Hadavi Tehrani.

resources and references

[1] Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani, Mabaniye Kalamiye Ejtehad, p. 45.
Ref: www.Islamquest.net

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