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I was looking through one of the Christian sites, and came across the article, which states that most of the Shia scholars consider present Quran as distorted. They claim that Shias believe that there was 115 surahs named "Nurayn". Could you write me an answer and give an opinion of prominent Shia scholars (on completeness of Quran), with references to their works, so that I could properly reply to them and convict them in lie.


The opinion of the scholars of Islam, both Shi'a and Sunni is that the present Quran is the same one that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (s). To substantiate this claim you can refer to two undeniable proofs (In addition, several books and extensive research works have been written about this subject): 1) Compare several copies of the Quran in Iran, published before and after the Revolution, you will see that there is absolutely no difference between the Qurans published in Iran or abroad, not even one letter. You can refer to the Quran available on the Shia sites on the Internet.
II) You can show them a complete Shiite commentary of the Quran. They will see that this is the same existing Quran without any addition or subtraction with commentary from the beginning to the end.
For more explanation, you can refer to the book "Madkhal-- al-- Tafsir" by Ayatollah Fazil Lankarani. Three Quranic subjects are covered there. One of them is proving that the Quran has not been tampered with.

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Ref: www.lankarani.com

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