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How the verse of punishment to fall on relates to the event of Ghadir?

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The following is one of verses which has revealed after the clear text of Ghadir hadith:
“A caller supplicated about a punishment to fall on * the unbelievers which none can prevent * (a punishment) from Allah, the owner of the elevated passages” (1)
Shi'ite believes in revelation of this verse about commander of faithful -pbuh- and it has been affirmed for many of the Sunnites in commentary and hadith books.
Allameh Amini (late) has mentioned (29) man of Sunnites scholars in Al-ghadir (2); they are as follow:
1- Hafiz Abu Obaydah Heravy died in (223,224) in Mecca
He has narrated in his commentary book “Qaribul-Quran”:
When messenger of God publicized- what he must do- and the people of different areas were informed, Jabir Ibne Nazr Ibne Hareth Ibne Kaldah A'bdari came to messenger of God and said: you ordered us to testify about the unity of God, your divine mission, ritual prayer, fasting, hajj, alms tax from your God, and we accepted, but you didn't satisfied with all this and got your cousin's arm and gave preference to him and said: “those whose leader (Mowla) I am, Ali will also be their leader (Mowla)”. Is this utterance from you or God? “Adjure in the name of God, this word is from the unitary God” : messenger of God said.
Then Jaber proceed toward his she-Camel and saying: “O God! If what Mohammad says is true, then fling on us a stone from the sky or subject us to severe pain and torture”.
He hadn't reached to his she-camel, when God, flung at him a stone which struck him on his head and passed out through his lower body and perished him and revealed this verse: “a caller supplicated about a punishment to fall on” (3).
2- Abu Bakr Yahya Qurtabi (4) died in (567). (5)

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