Question text What is the Shia opinion about angels?
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WE BELIEVE in the ANGELS of God who are assigned to perform different duties. Some of them were to take God's Divine Guidances through inspiration to the prophets and apostles. A group of the angels register the acts of men and women. Some of them take out the souls at the time of death. A group helps the believers who are steadfast to their principles; some help the believers in the sacred battles. Another group's duty is to punish those who transgress the bounds of decency. They do, all that they do with the permission of God; and in His charge, and these fulfilments are not contradictory with the belief of Monotheism, and the unity of acts. This also proves that the intercesion of the prophets and saints on behalf of the guilty people, is in accordance with Monotheism, for it is done by the leave of the LORD GOD. “No intercessor can plead with the LORD, except ofter His Permission. (has been obtained)” (The Holy Quran - S10: 3) We shall give more details about this in our discussion on the prophethood.

Ref: Our Belief (a brief description of Islam: Shiite believe); Ayt. Makarem Shirazi; Translated by: Monir Shafiei