Question text I want to know the prayer that our beloved Prophet peace be upon Him and His Holy Progeny told a blind man and his sight was restored. Please tell me the exact way of preforming this Salat that you had mentioned in the Question time program. At what stage in the Salat is this Dua said?? I would be very grateful for detailed instructions. Can I read this Salat and Dua for any Hajat I have and hope Allah will hear my Dua inshAllah? I read Surah Mulk for the esale sawab for my parents who are no longer here with us, what is the best time to read it?
categorization: Virtue of Surahs
A1. It is just two Rak'ats of Salaat followed by this Du’a: اللهم، إني أسألك وأتوجه إليك بنبيك محمد نبي الرحمة، يا محمد إني توجهت بك إلى ربي في حاجتي هذه فتقضى لي، اللهم شفعه فيَّ وشفعني فيه ALLAHUMMA INNI AS'ALUKA WA ATAWAJJAHU ELAYKA BINABIYYIKA NABBIYY AL RAHMA. YA MUHAMMAD , INNI TAWAJJAHTU BIKA ELA RABBI FI HAAJATI HAATHIHI FATOQDHA LI. ALLAHUMMA SHAFFI'HU FIYYA WA SHAFFI#NI FEEH. This Salaat can be recited for any need. A2. Sura al Mulk is very great to be recited after Namaz Isha or any time before you go to bed. Wassalam. Mohammad al-Musawi