Question text I have been instructed to ask for your fatwa on learning Al-Qur'an under the instruction of brothers. Of course I am an English-- speaking sister who has been trying to learn to read Al-Qur'an for years. In the past, some of them have been brothers. Recently I found an online site where sisters from around the world study under the instruction of a brother from Egypt and two sisters whom he gives instructions. Today I was told it was haraam for sisters to recite with tarteil with brothers listening. The same brother asked that I ask you for your fatwa regarding this issue.
categorization: Memorizing and Reciting Qur’an
As a general rule, to recite the Holy Quran or some other text with such a voice which leads to corruption and excites men, in a place where they can hear their voice, even through a means of communication (telephone, radio, etc) is not permissible. But if the instruction of the Holy Quran does not necessitate reciting in a beautiful voice, it has no objection. By the voice which was explained above is permissible.