Question text A non-Muslim friend asked me a question about the Quran. He said, "How can it be something Holy, if there is such a bad scientific mistake...the sort of mistake a man would make if he were to try to make something that wasn't really inspired by God?" He gave me an example of Sura Al-Kahf, verse 86: "Until, when he reached the setting sun, he found it set in a spring of murky water." What is your interpretation of this verse?
categorization: Interpreting Qur’anic Verses
This verse is about Dhul al Qarnyan, a powerful and righteous king who traveled the East and West. His army set upon diverse civilizations protecting the weak and punishing the unruly. The Quran is describing the situation from Dhu al Qarnayn's eyes! Obviously this is a visual description! It may also have symbolic meaning. As a mistake is our physical vision may cause us to see the sun setting in murky water, illusions affecting our spiritual visions may cause us to lose the light of our life's spiritual sun! The Quran has many different levels of meaning. Be careful of this person. It sounds like he is reading Quran to strengthen himself in Disbelief. He may not be your friend.