Question text What is Nahj al.Balaghah`s (peak of Eloquence) viewpoint as regards the rights?
categorization: Nahj Al-Balagha
Imam Ali (a`) has discussed the issue of different social classes` rights in jurisprudential arguments besides discussions on duties. Among topics which has been discussed by Imam Ali (a`) are the following ones: Mutual rights of people and government authorities like the right for justice, compassion, consultation, well-meaning intentions for one another, education and edification, freedom of choice and etc; social rights of people like the right of contribution, reformation and advice; mutual rights of father and offspring like the right to obey and edification, animal rights like their right to rest and observation of justice in exploiting animals, enemies` rights in battle, state employees` rights, rights of religious minorities, rights of merchants and industries` proprietors, , women rights, rights of indigents, rights of armed forces, rights of judges, rights of clients, rights of acquaintances, rights of hajis, rights of orphans, and finally rights of neighbors.

Source: Khosrowpanah, Abdol Husain, 'Jame`eye Alavi dar Nahj ul Balaghah', The center for cultural studies and researches of Islamic seminary'
Translation by: AhlulBayt News Agency (a.s) (
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