Ziyarat-e-Jamia Aemma-tul-Momineen

In the Name of Allah; and with Allah And for the sake of Allah And on the creed of the Messenger of Allah O Allah;(please do) clean me from the filth of sins And from the dirt of defects And purify me with the water of repentance And dress me the garb of protection ( against sinning) And aid me with Your compassion on account of which You may lead me to (doing) righteous deeds You verily the Lord of Great Favor (All) praise be to Allah Who has led me to come to His intimate servant And to visit His Claim(against creatures) And has allowed me to enter the precinct of him(i.e. His intimate servant) And thus He has not deprived me of the opportunity to visit the tomb of him And to stay the patio of his mausoleum And at the courtyard of his grave (All) praise be to Allah Who has not decided for me the deprivation of that which I hope And has not prevented me against that for which I have longed And has not disappointed me as regards that which I have anticipated Rather He has dressed me good health from Him And has bestowed upon me with His grace And has granted me His honoring Peace be upon You; O the Imams of the believers And the masters of the pious And the chiefs of the truthful And the princes of the righteous And the leaders of the well-doers And epitomes of the truly guided ones And the light for the cognizant And the inheritors of the Prophet’s successors And the sunlight of the devout ones And the full moons of the heirs (of the Prophets) And the (true) servants of the All-beneficent And the partners of the Qur’an And the course to the (true) faith And the essences of the realities And interceders for the beings And (also) Allah’s mercy and blessings (be upon you) I bear witness that You are the doors to Allah And the clues to (attaining) His mercy And the keys to His forgiveness And the bearers of His pleasure And the lanterns of His paradises And the carriers of His distinguishing Book And the keepers of His knowledge And the superintendents of His secret And the place of descent of His revelation And trusts of Prophethood are possessed by you So are the charges of the Divine Message You are Allah’s trustees and well-beloved And His servants and His choice And the supporter of His (creed of ) monotheism And the pillars of glorifying Him And the callers to (the belief in) His Books And the guardians over His beings And the custodians of His trusts Neither the praising of the angels with all of its sincerity and reverence can precede Yours Nor can any earnest suppliant and pious compare himself to Yours How can that be! While your hearts are these which Allah Himself has schools with means of fear and hope(for Him) And He has made them containers of thanksgiving and praising Him And He has secured them against even accidental inattentiveness And He has purified them from the evil of languor More exactly, the inhabitants of the heaves seek nearness (to Allah) through their love for you And through disavowal of your enemies And through persistent weeping for your misfortunes And through seeking (Allah’s) forgiveness for your adherents and supporters I, hereby, ask Allah, my Creator, to witness for me And I ask His angels and Prophets to witness for me, too And I ask you, too, O my masters, to witness for me That I have full faith in your (divinely commissioned) leadership And I fully believe in your Imamate And I confess of your successorship (of Prophethood) And I am aware of your (unmatched) rank And I am certain of your infallibility And I submit to your leadership And I seek nearness to Allah through my love for you And through my disavowal of your enemies And I know for sure that Allah has purified you from indecencies Whether open or secret And from all suspicions and filth And from all ill deeds and ignominy And that Allah has granted you the Pennon of Right that anyone who foregoes shall have missed the right way And anyone who lags behind shall have slipped And He has imposed the obedience to you obligatory upon all beings, be them black or white And I bear witness that you have verily fulfilled your pledge and promise to Allah And you have also carried out all that which He stipulated on you on His Book And you have called for His Path And you have exerted all your efforts in seeking His pleasure And you have led the beings to the course of Prophethood and the paths of the Divine Message And you have dealt with them according to the norm of the Prophets And according to the customs of the Prophets, successors Nonetheless, none of your instructions was carried out And none lent you any ear So, Allah’s blessings be upon your souls and your bodies May Allah accept my father and mother as ransoms for you! O the Argument of Allah You certainly were fed by the breast of faith And you were weaned on the illumination of Islam And you were nourished on the utter certitude And you were dressed the garments of infallibility And you were chosen and inherited the knowledge of the Book And you were prompted the Decisive Speech And through your position were the knowledge of the Divine Revelation and the mysteries of the (true) interpretation (of the Qur’an) made clear And to you was the Pennon of the Right delivered And you were charged with (the mission of) guiding the beings (to the right path) And to you was the pledge of Imamate given exclusively And you were assigned to preserve the religious law And I also bear witness, O my master, that you met all he conditions of the successorship ( of Prophethood) And you settled all your obligations as regards the obedience (to Allah) And you carried successfully all the burdens of Imamate And you followed the example of Prophethood in endurance and in exertion of all possible efforts And in giving advice to the people And in suppressing your rage and in pardoning the people And you determined to act fairly with the creatures And to be just in all the issues And you confirmed all the claims ( of Allah) on the community through irrefutable proofs and through the speaking law And you called to the way of Allah with wisdom and fair exhortation You thus stood against any rise of doubt and your worked on rectifying all furrows And on mending the wrong and beating the stubborn evildoer And on reviving the norms(of the Prophets) and on annihilating the heresies Until you departed this life as martyr And you met the Messenger of Allah---peace be upon him and his Family---as praiseworthy May the blessings of Allah continue on you incessantly and increasingly O my masters, O the Family of Allah’s Messenger Verily, through you do I seek nearness to Allah---glorified and exalted is He By dissenting from those who betrayed you and breached their allegiance to you And denied your (divinely commissioned) leadership and renounced your position And gave up their obedience to you and abandoned the love for you And curried favor with their tyrant rulers through disavowing and rejecting you And prevented you from carrying out the religious laws and from eradicating atheism And from setting right the split and from rejoining the scattered And from meeting the deficiency and straightening the crookedness And from executing the divine laws and from refining Islam and from restraining sins And they stirred up the dust of ware and seditions against you And they unsheathed the swords of malice against you And they thus rent your coverings And bought wines with the khums levy that is decided for you exclusively And they paid the alms that are decided for the poor to the clown and jokers All that was because of the urging practices of the licentious, the aberrant, the envious, and the oppressors The people of breach, of treachery, of rebellion, and of deceit And the people whose hearts are evil-smelling due to the filth of polytheism And whose bodies are suffocated with the dirt of atheism It is they who embraced hypocrisy and buckled down to dissension So, when the Chosen Prophet—Allah’s peace be upon him and his Family—passed away, they seized the opportunity and took the occasion and thus violated the sancity And they left him bed-ridden And hurried to preach their allegiance and break the covenants that had been confirmedly taken from them And they thus betrayed the Trust that had been offered to the unshakable mountains But they(ie. The mountains) refused to undergo; rather man, the wronging, the ignorant, accepted to assume it Man is actually dissenting, obstinate to committing grave sins And disdaining from submission to that whose end result is praiseworthy Hence, the lowly Bedouins and the rest of the parties (who had allied each other against the Holy Prophet) were gathered to the abode of the Prophethood and Divine Message And (the abode of) the Divine Revelation and the angels And the center of the authority of the (divinely commissioned) leadership ( of the Holy Imams) And the core of the Prophet’s successorship, inheritance, and Imamate So that they preached the covenant ( that they had made) to the Chosen Prophet as regards the leadership of his brother, the sign of guidance (namely Imam Ali) Who alone can distinguish the path of salvation from these of perdition And they injured the heart of the best of beings ( namely, the Holy Prophet) when they oppressed and wronged his daughter, the much-loved one to him And (they) aggrieved his dearest one—the part of his flesh and the piece of his heart And they disappointed her husband and belittled him And they violated his sanctities and ruptured relations of kinship with him And they denied his fraternity (with the Holy Prophet) and neglected his love for him And they defied their (obligatory) obedience to him and denied his (divinely commissioned) leadership (over them) And they gave even the slaves the opportunity to take his position of leadership And they led him to swear allegiance to them under unsheathed swords and directed spears While he was extremely irritated and enormously wrathful And, meanwhile, very patient and self-possessed They were asking him to swear allegiance to their rulership whose misfortune prevailed is Islam absolutely And they planted sins in the hearts of the Muslims And they acted insubordinately to Salman (the Persian) and banished al-Miqdad (ibn al-Aswad) And they exiled Jundub (i.e. Abu-Dharr al-Ghifariy ) and tore the abdomen of Ammar (ibn Yasir) And they distorted the (true interpretation of the ) Qur’an and they misrepresented the religious laws and they changed the place of al-maqam (The standing-place of Abraham near the Holy Ka’bah) And they gave free hand to the Released Ones (i.e. Al-Tulaqa—the Meccan polytheists whom the Holy Prophet released after capture) to dispose of the khums tax And they set up the descendants of the accursed ones as absolute rulers over honors and blood (of the true Muslims) And they intermixed the lawful with the unlawful And they belittled faith and Islam And they demolished the (Holy) Ka’bah and raided the abode of the (Holy Prophet’s) immigration on the day of al-Harrah Raid And they subjected the daughters of the Muhajiroon (the Meccan immigrants who could flee the torture of the polytheists at the beginning of the Holy Prophet’s Mission) and the Ansaar (the Medinite Muslims who received hearily the Meccan immigrants) to punishment and humiliation And they caused them to dress the garments of disgrace and scandal And they allowed the suspicious people to massacre the choice Household (of the Holy Prophet0 And to eradicate his (i.e. the Holy Prophet) offspring and to eliminate his progeny And to capture his harem and to kill his supporters And to destroy his minbar and to turn over his object of pride And to conceal his religion and to cut off his mention O my masters, had the Chosen Prophet seen how the lances of the community (of him) were infixed in your hearts And how their spears were inserted into our throats And how their swords are covered with your blood While the sons of whores were quenching their thirst of licentiousness fro your godliness And quenching their thirst of atheism form your faith And one of you were thrown down in the mihrab while his head is split by sword And another one was martyr, during his funeral procession, arrows heavily stuck his coffin And another one was slain and his body was left in the wasteland while his head was raised on a spearhead And another one was enchained in the prison while fetters slept in his limbs And another one was poisoned; and poison cut his intestine into parts And your people are thus scattered; they are terminated by the slaves and the slaves’ son Are ordeals other than those which escorted you? Are misfortunes other than those which afflicted you? Are caststrophes other than those which affected you? Are disasters other than those which distressed you? Allah’s peace be upon you And upon your souls and your bodies So be Allah’s mercy and blessings May Allah accept my father and mother as ransoms for you! O the Family of the Chosen Prophet We have nothing to do more than circumambulating your mausoleums So as to console your souls For such grave misfortunes that afflicted you And for such hardships that distressed you Such hardships that fixed wounds in the hearts of your adherents And installed injuries in their interiors And implanted pains in their chests So, we ask Allah to witness for us that we have participated with your allies and supporters Who passed in time, in the bloodshed of the preachers and the wrongdoers and the apostates And of those who slain Abu-Abdullah, master of the youth of Paradise—peace be on him On that day in Karbala yet in intentions and hearts And in feeling sorry for missing these situations that your allies and supporters witnessed and backed you Peace from us be upon you So be Allah’s mercy and blessings O Allah; You are the Lord of the power due to which the world has been made And has been created and originated under the shadow of magnificence So, the witnesses of Your make in it has witnessed That You are Allah; there is no god save You Being the Maker, the Creator, and the Originator of it You have invented it from nothing And on account of nothing And in nothing And not for feeling of loneliness that You may experience because there in none save You And not for any need that caused You to make it And not for the reason that it may help You create more after it Rather You have formed it so that it would act as proof That You are too far above making So, the fair-minded cannot deny You And the sound knowledgeable cannot refute You I thus beseech You by the honor of sincere belief in Your Oneness And by the holiness of abidance by Your Book And by he Household of Your Prophet That You may send blessings upon Adam, the example on Your creation and the foremost of Your Argument And the spokesman of Your omnipotence and Your representative on Your lands And upon Muhammad, the choicest of Your choice And the evidence on the recognition of You The profound, the trustee on Your most hidden secrets Due to Your grace that You have bestowed upon him out of Your aid And upon the Prophets, the honored ones, the Prophets’ successors, and the truthful ones who came between these two And that You may forgive me for the sake of this Imam, my leader O Allah, {I beseech You} by the position of this master as regards his obedience to You and by the rank of him with You That You may not grasp my soul suddenly and not deprive me of repentance And that You may grant me stop at the worldly and religious matters that You have deemed forbidden And that You may make my engagement in the affairs of my Next World distracts me from the affairs of this worldly life And that You may lead me successfully to all that which You please and like And that You may keep me away from following my own whims And from my being seduced by abortive acts and deceitful expectations O Allah; (please do) make all my speech apposite And make all my deeds correct And make all my pledges and covenants truthful and honest And add fulfillment and amiability to my oaths and promises And add righteousness and the doing of good to my conduct and morals And grant me comprehensive safety And make good health encompass and include me And make Your kind making and aid direct towards me And make Your success and prosperity flow towards me abundantly And make me live, O my Lord, with happiness And grasp my soul as martyr And purify me for death and what is beyond O Allah; and add health and light to my hearing and sight And add straightness and goodness to my courses And add true guidance and insight to my belief and faith And make the Balance always before my eyes And make mention of You and advice my layer and cover And make ponderation and learning lessons {from others} my amiability and pillar And make my heart open it doors to conviction And make it the most certain thing in myself And make it prevail on my views and determinations And add true direction to my deeds And make my submission to Your decisions my bed and my support And make my satisfaction with Your act my utmost purpose and end result And the furthest of my reason and intention So that I shall not fear anybody in matters appertained to my religion And that I shall intend for nothing other than success in my Next Life And that I shall not hope for praise or approval for it And (please do) make my end result the best of all And make my destiny the best of all And make my livelihood the most luxurious of all And lead me to the truest guidance And make my portion the most abundant And make my share the largest And (please), O my Lord, be my guardian against all evils And be my guide and leader to all decencies And be my backer and protector against all oppressors and envious ones O Allah; to You and I resort and with You do I seek protection And in You do I trust and from You do I seek success And from You do I derive might and power And in Your hands are my life and death And under Your control are all my stillness and motions And verily by Your Firmest Handle do I abide to it do I connect And on You do I rely and depend in all of my affairs and from You do I seek salvation and redemption against the chastisement of Hell and the touch of Hellfire And (please) make my final house be in Your Abode of Security and Honor And make my success and relief be at the hands of my masters and chiefs, the Household of the Chosen Prophet O Allah; send blessings upon Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad And forgive the believing men and women and the Muslim men and women And forgive my parents and their descendants And forgive my family members and neighbors And forgive all the believing men and women for whom I concern Verily, You are the Lord of Immense Favor Peace be upon You, so be Allah’s mercy and blessings It is recommended to recite Dua-e-Aalia Mazameen after this Ziarat.