Ziyarat-e-Jamia Kabeer

In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful I bear witness that there is no god save Allah Alone without having any associate And I bear witness that Muhammad—blessings of Allah be upon him—is His servant and Messenger When you enter and catch sight of the tomb, you should halt again and repeat saying Allahu Akbar—Allah is the Greatest—thirty times. Very serene and venerable, you should walk a few yards with slow steps and then halt anew and repeating saying Allahu Akbar thirty times. As you come within reach of the tomb, you should repeat saying Allahu Akbar forty times so that you would have said it one hundred times. After that, you should recite the following: Peace be on you O the family of the Prophet You are the seat of the Divine mission Unto you the Angels turn You are the destination of the Divine revelation the originating source of mercy the treasures of knowledge the ultimate in forbearance the foundation of generosity the leaders of all nations You administer and distribute the bounties You are the elements of virtues the pillars of goodness You direct and guide mankind You protect and support lands The doors to faith the trustees of the All-beneficent Allah The distinguished descendants of the Prophets The choice descendants of the Messengers The Household of the best Individual in the estimation of the Lord of the worlds And upon you be the mercy and blessings of Allah Peace be on the Guides imams to the Right Path The lanterns in darkness The patterns of piety The actual ones endued with understanding The ones of thought The shelters for people The inheritors of the Prophets The perfect specimen The most excellent calling unto the good The decisive arguments of Allah against the inhabitants of the world, the Hereafter and the former And upon you be the mercy and blessings of Allah Peace be on the exponents of the views and beliefs which acquaint with the awareness of Allah wherever you are there are blessings of Allah the wisdom of Allah is deposited with you the secrets of Allah have been put in your safekeeping you know the Book of Allah by heart you are the successors of the Prophet of Allah the children of the Messenger of Allah And upon you be the mercy and blessings of Allah Peace be on you who invite people unto Allah guide with clear arguments unto that which win Allah's pleasure abide by the laws of Allah love Allah from the bottom of the heart sincerely believe in the One and Only Allah make clear that which is made lawful and that which is made unlawful by Allah you are the honored bondmen who speak not until He has spoken and act by His command And upon you be the mercy and blessings of Allah Peace be on the Guides Imams who give a calling and lead unto guidance you are the loving guardians the protecting defenders the followers people of the remembrance the Holy Quran those who are in authority that good which Allah has left with people His choicest and His group The store of His Knowledge His argument, His path His light, His proof And upon you be the mercy and blessings of Allah I bear witness that there is no god save Allah the One and there is no partner with Him just as Allah Himself testifies to His own Oneness and His Angels also testify for His Oneness And also his creatures who know the truth also testify there is no god save He; the Almighty the All-wise I bear witness that Muhammad is His elect bondman His approved Messenger He sent him with the guidance and the Religion of truth that He may cause it to prevail over all religions however much the idol-worshippers may be averse I bear witness that all of you are the rightly guided Imams The truly guided, the infallible The highly revered, the favorite The pious, the truthful The chosen, the obedient servants of Allah who establish the rule of God put into practice that which He wills win and posses His excellence He elected you to have His knowledge He chose you to be aware of what issues forth or what comes to pass placed His trust in you to let you know inside and out of His secrets strengthened you with His omnipotence equipped you with His guidance distinguished you with His clear proofs glorified you with His Light confirmed you with His Holy spirit made a choice of you to represent Him in His earth so that you make evident manifest and establish His truth give currency to His religion protect His confidence treasure His knowledge store and invest His wisdom Interpret His revelation consolidate and preserve His Oneness bear witness to the act of creation you witnessed all that has been created by Allah you are the signs Allah has set for His servants you are the torches Allah has lighted in His lands you show the direction unto His path Allah preserved you guiltless and free from error kept you safe disorderliness freed you from dirt from unruly removed uncleanness from you and cleansed you with a thorough cleansing So, you have glorified His majesty Have declared great His magnificence Have venerated His glory Have perpetuated mentioning Him Have consolidated His covenant Have made firm your pledge of obedience to Him Have advised people for His sake privately and publicly Have called unto His way through words of wisdom and fair admonition not sparing your own lives took pains and made efforts to do as He willed exercised self-control and faced untold hardships in His cause established prayers gave prescribed alms advised to do that which is lawful warned not to do that which is unlawful strived in the way of Allah in letter and spirit until you made known every aspect of His true Message rendered clear the obligations and defined the boundaries laid down by Him communicated and propagated His constitution demonstrated the rule of conduct approved by Him and went ahead resolutely to accomplish that which is dear to Him surrendered to His will proved true the Messengers sent by Him before you therefore whoso turns away from you misses the aim (and deviates from the right path) whoso closely adhere to you reaches the destination whoso fails short of that which is as it ought to be in your case compare and contrast to lower in grade destroys himself Verily truth is with you amid you in you and it always directs itself unto you you deserve it as it stays permanently with you the inheritance of Prophethood is with you you are the ultimate destination to which the people will have to come back to give an account of themselves before you it is your privilege to separate evil from good in clear words in the light of the signs guidelines of Allah you are fully aware of because for His unavoidable decrees and plan He relies upon you you are the true reflection of His light and Signs authority to guide has been conferred on you he who is fond of you is a friend of Allah whoso turns against you comes in conflict with Allah he who loves you is a beloved of Allah whoso bears a grudge against you holds Allah in contempt whoso takes refuge with you takes asylum with Allah you are the main means of approach the right way You are the greatest path (to Allah) you give witness to what takes place in this mortal world And you are the interceders (for the believers) on the Day of Judgement you are the mercy perpetual and progressive The signs highly valued and treasured mainstay well guarded forum of justice wherein people are put to test and trial whoso comes near you is saved assured a blissful afterlife whoso does not come near you is ruined doomed to everlasting distress you invite people unto Allah show the right way leading to Him Believe in Him willingly surrender to Him act upon His law and command Guide to His path exercise authority in the name of His word happy and successful is he who stands by you lost and desolate is he who forsakes you indistinct and little known is he who knows better but denies you whoso separates himself from you goes astray whoso clings to you attains his purpose whoso takes refuge with you saves himself blessed is he who becomes aware of your truthfulness he who is watched over by you finds the right path whoso follows you shall dwell in the Paradise whoso turns against you shall rot in Hell he who says no to you in fact renounces the faith he who makes war against you is as bad as a polytheist he who forsakes you shall find himself in the lowest tier of the burning fire I know for sure that certainly you are like what is said above and shall continue to be so in future your souls, light and form are made from the same clay They are thoroughly pure and infallible altogether Allah created you in the form of light then kept you closely attached with His Throne until you were sent down in this world as a favor to us allowed you to pronounce and praise His name aloud in the Houses of Allah made our sending blessings on you and being loyal to you as signs of the legitimacy of our birth and the purity of our souls And the refinement our manners And His forgiving our sins We thus have become among those who believe undoubtedly in your (excellent) virtues and by becoming aware of your true status we have been distinguished Allah made you reach the noblest position of glory the highest station nearest to Allah and the loftiest status of the Messengers where none can ever reach you nor can anyone surpass you nor can anyone ever precede you No can anyone look forward to reaching your positions even the favorite Angels went for it nor the commissioned Prophets nor a friend nor a martyr nor a scholar nor an ignorant nor an inferior nor a superior nor a pious faithful nor a wicked sinner nor an obstinate tyrant nor a devilish rebel nor any other being had ever been there except that Allah informs them of the grandeur of your decisive authority importance of your thoughtful ideas power of your meaningful intelligence thoroughness of your enlightenment strength and goodness of your essence proof of the durability of your office distinction of your position and the glory of your rank and dignity in His estimation your venerable grace in His perception your special friendship with Him and the closest nearness you have near Him My father, mother, family, property and possessions are at your disposal I beseech Allah and you to bear witness that I believe in you and in that in which you believe I renounce your enemies and whatever you renounce I am fully aware of your glorious purpose and of the deviation of him whoever oppose you I am your friend and a friend of your friends I dislike your enemies and strive against their designs I am at peace with those who make peace with you I take the field against those who march against you I accept as true that which acknowledges your truth I prove false that which takes a stand against you I follow in your footsteps I am fully aware of your rights and privileges I recognize your superiority over others I carry and preserve your knowledge I take refuge under your protective shelter I respond to you I know for sure that you will come back I believe in your promised return I anticipate and look for your just and fair order I anticipate the advent of your State I hold fast to that which you have said I carry out your orders I take shelter in your neighborhood I make a visit to do homage and praise you for me your resting abodes are sanctuaries in the court of the Almighty you are my advocates I seek His nearness through you for seeking fulfillment of my wants and desire under all circumstances I follow you to make headway I believe in your invisibility visibility Presence, absence and in the first of you and the last of you I entrust to you the total charge of everything concerning me I gladly consent to that which you think is good for me from the bottom of my heart I surrender to you your opinion is my opinion I am prepared and ready to stand up for you till Allah the Supreme gives a new life to His Religion through you brings you back again in His ‘Days’ Manifest you to set up His fair and just rule you take root in and take possession of His earth the world so I am with you, with you, not other than you I have full faith in you I love and cherish the last of you just as I love and cherish the first of you I turn to the Almighty Allah disconnecting all links with your enemies from Jibt and Taghoot and the devils and their followers who took liberties with you the renegades who suppressed your rights the turncoats who ran away from your guardianship the swindlers who usurped your succession the unbelievers who hesitated to accept you as true the deserters who turned against you and from every affinity apart from you every allegiance other than unto you from the leadership which directs to the Fire May Allah keep intact my love and attachment with you for ever so far I am alive and make me adhere to your creed find obedience unto you convenient obtain your intercession be among your fortunate disciples Who hold fast to your traditions And make me follow in your footsteps And track your Path abide by your guidance to be raised in your group on the Day of Judgement brought back during your reappearance called upon to help you in your administration honoured to live in your safe and sound supervision right there in the middle of your 'days' delighted and thrilled by seeing you in person My father, mother, children, possessions and myself are at your disposal whoso desires nearness to Allah in fact makes a beginning with you whoso professes the Unity of God in fact takes after you whoso moves towards Him has to turn to you O my masters I cannot count and mention your merits I am unable to come up to the height where your true appreciation can be enjoyed and your real class can be determined You are the light of the virtuous The guides of the pious ones The claims of the Omnipotent (Lord) Allah had created you in the first place and then disclosed to you His plan of creation on account of you He sent down abundant and far-spread rain because of you the sky prevents itself from falling down over the earth unless He permits due to you He drives away troubles and dismisses hardships with you is that with which His Messengers came down And with which His Angels descended and to your forefather, ------- Note: If it is the tomb of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib is the visited, you should say instead, "And to your cousin" ------- the Truthful Spirit was sent Allah has given you that which He has not given to any one in the whole universe all the highborn hang their heads before your noble lineage every valiant lord submits to you in your obedience every type of heroism is dwarfed before your completeness and perfection everything humbles itself in front of you your light lights up the earth those who love and cherish you attain their end and conduct themselves to the Paradise and those who forsake your friendship earn displeasure of the All-compassionate My father, mother, myself, my children and possessions are at your disposal Although people make mention of you your names are called along with other names your figures appeared among other humans your souls rest with other souls your beings existed side by side with other beings your traditions are cited with other traditions your resting places are seen amidst others but most gracious are your names most generous and merciful are your lives superlative is your nature and disposition befitting is your station dependable is your covenant true is your promise your words give light your administration is just and fair Piety is your will your deeds are good doing good is your manner of living generosity is your habit fair dealing, conformity to reality and helping others are in your nature your words are final and decisive your opinion is based upon knowledge, temperance and forethought if goodness is mentioned, you are its beginning And its origin and branch and core And its resting place and its ultimate My father, mother and myself are at your disposal How shall I describe the beauty and goodness of your merits? How shall I define the grace and decorum you displayed in the hour of test and trial? It is on account of you that Allah pulls us out of the depth of degradation sets us free from the clutches of hardships takes us to safety from the precipice of annihilation and from failing down into the Hell My father, mother and myself are at your disposal Because of our friendship with you Allah taught us the laws of our religion put in order that which had been spoiled and corrupted in our world by being loyal to you the Word has been completed and the Grace has become great And the discord has turned into togetherness And only is by our loyalty to you the obligatory obedience (to Allah) accepted And only is the obligatory adoration yours And so are the highest ranks And so is the Praised Standing And so is the renowned station in Almighty Allah’s view And topmost office And the supreme rank And the admitted intercession O our Lord, we believe in that which Thou has sent down and follow the Messenger; so write our names among those who bear witness Our Lord! Cause not our hearts to stray after Thou hast guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Thy Presence. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Bestower. Glory be to our Lord for in fact the promise of our Lord immediately takes effect O trusted representative of Allah the barriers of wrongdoings separating me from Allah can not be removed save by attaining your satisfaction therefore in the name of the divine authority delegated to you the administration of the human society entrusted to you and joining obedience to Him to the obedience to you I implore to you to pardon my sins And to intercede for me For I obey you He who obeys you in fact obeys Allah he who disobeys you in fact disobeys Allah he who loves you in fact loves Allah he who hates you in fact hates Allah O Allah, had I known interceders that are closer to You than Muhammad and his Household, the virtuous and pious Imams, I would have chosen to intercede for me before You So I beseech You by their Right that You have made obligatory upon us to follow To include me with the group of those who recognize their Right and them And with the assembly of those on whom You will have mercy on account of their (Muhammad and his Household) intercession Verily, You are the All-merciful Blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad and his infallible Household. And His thorough peace be upon them Allah is Sufficient for us! Most Excellent is He in Whom we trust!