In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful Peace be upon Adam, the senior-most of Allah among His creation. Peace be upon Shees, the Wali of Allah due to his goodness. Peace be upon Idrees (a.s.) who was established by Allah with proof (Hujjat). Peace be upon Nuh (a.s.), the one whose invocations were accepted. Peace be upon Hud (a.s.), who was the recipient of help from Allah by seeking (Allah's) help. Peace be upon Saleh (a.s.), the one whom Allah made important through His mercy and generosity. Peace be upon Ibrahim (a.s.), whom Allah accepted as His friend. Peace be upon Ismael (a.s.), the one whom Allah bestowed with ransom from Heaven in view of the great sacrifice (zibhe azeem). Peace be upon Ishaq (a.s.), the one in whose progeny Allah has established Prophethood. Peace be upon Yaqoob (a.s.), the one for whom Allah restored s!ght. by His Mercy. Peace be upon Yusuf (a.s.), the one whom Allah rescued from the well, by His Greatness. Peace be upon Musa (a.s.), the one for whom Allah, parted the sea. by His Power. Peace be upon Haroon (a.s.). the one who was bestowed distinction by Allah due to his prophethood. Peace be upon Shoeb (a.s.), the one whom Allah helped (for achieving victory) upon his people. Peace be upon Dawood (a.s.). the one whom Allah forgave after his mistake (of Tark-e-awia). Peace be upon Suleman (a.s.), the one underwhose might Allah subjugated the Jinns. Peace be upon Ayyub (a.s.), the one whom Allah cured after his (prolonged) illness. Peace be upon Yunus (a.s.), the one whose promise Allah fulfilled -that which he had undertaken to perform. Peace be upon Uzair (a.s.), whom Allah brought to life after his death. Peace be upon Zakaria (a.s.), who remained most patient in his tribulations. Peace be upon Yahya (a.s.), whom Allah raised in status after his martyrdom. Peace be upon Isa (a.s.), the Spirit of Allah and His Word. (kalimah). Peace be upon Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) the beloved of Allah, and His senior-most (Prophet). Peace be upon the Chief of believers, Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.), whom Allah bestowed the distinction of the brotherhood (of the Prophet s.a.) Peace be upon Fatima (s.a.), His (prophets) daughter. Peace be upon Abu Mohammed Hasan (a.s.), the Wasi of his father's will and his vicegerent. Peace be upon Husain (a.s.), who sacrificed his remaining life for Allah despite his injuries. Peace be upon the one who obeyed Allah secretly and openly. Peace be upon the one whose grave's soilis bestowed with curative powers by Allah. Peace be upon the one, in whose progeny is Imamat till the Day of Qiyamat. Peace be upon the son of the Seal of the Prophets. Peace be upon the son of the Chief of the Successors. Peace be upon the son of Fatima Zahra (s.a.). Peace be upon the son of Khatijatul Kubra. Peace be upon the son of Sidratul Muntaha. Peace be upon the son of Jannatul Maawa. Peace be upon the son of Zamzam and Safa. Peace be upon the one who was smeared in blood. Peace be. upon the one whose tents were torn asunder. Peace be upon the fifth one of the people of Kisa (blanket). Peace be upon the most helpless of the wayfarers. Peace be upon the one who has suffered the maximum pain among all the martyrs. Peace be upon the one who was killed by illegitimate born (people). Peace be upon the one who camped at Karbala. Peace be upon the one for whom the angels of the sky wept. Peace be upon the one who has purified Imams in his progeny. Peace be upon the chiefs of the faith. Peace be upon the destinations of Proofs (of Allah). Peace be upon the Imams, the guides (of mankind). Peace be upon the blood-smeared necks. Peace be upon the lips. that were parched due to thirst. Peace be upon those (martyrs) who were cut into pieces. Peace be upon the souls whose belongings were plundered soon after their killings. Peace be upon the uncovered dead bodies. Peace be upon the emaciated and the deformed corpses. Peace be upon the deluge of the (martyrs') blood. Peace be upon the dismembered limbs. Peace be upon the heads that were raised on the lances. Peace be upon the d1aste women, who were (forcibly) exposed. Peace be upon the Proof of the Lord of the worlds. Peace be upon you and upon your purified ancestors. Peace be upon you and upon your martyred offspring. Peace be upon you and upon your offspring's who helped you. Peace be upon you and upon the angels that accompanied you. Peace be upon the one who was killed unjustly. Peace be upon your brother (Imam Hasan a.s.) who was poisoned (to death). Peace be upon Ali the elder (Ali Akbar). Peace be upon the (suckling) Young one (sagheer). Peace be upon the bodies that were hung after being killed. Peace be upon the nearest of the Prophet's progeny. Peace be upon the corpses that were abandoned in the desert. Peace be upon the travelers who were driven out from their homes. Peace be upon those who were buried without shrouds. Peace be upon the (pure) heads which were severed from the bodies. Peace be upon the one who remained patient in calamities. Peace be upon those oppressed ones who had no helper. Peace be upon the one who reposes in the purified tombs. Peace be upon the master of the lofty dome. Peace be upon the one who is purified by the Mighty (Allah). Peace be upon the one who was prided upon by Jibraeel. Peace be upon the one who was put to sleep in the cradle by Mikaeel. Peace be upon the one regarding whom oaths were broken. Peace be upon the one whose dignity was lowered. Peace be upon the one whose blood was shed unjustly. Peace be upon the one who was bathed in the blood of his own wounds. Peace be upon the one who was attacked with spears from all sides. Peace be upon the one who was inflicted with every kind of atrocity. Peace be upon the one whom the killers surrounded. Peace be upon the one who was buried by the villagers. Peace be upon the one whose jugular vein was severed with cruelty. Peace be upon the one who warded off the enemies all alone. Peace be upon the one whose hair was dyed red in blood. Peace be upon the blood-smeared cheeks. Peace be upon 1he dust-smeared body. Peace be upon the teeth that were hit with an (oppressive) baton. Peace be upon the glorified head which was raised (on the lance.) Peace be upon the corpses that lay uncovered, and the tyrants of this ummat shook them violently as they ran about like wolves. And like the camivores they inflicted injuries upon them. Peace be upon you, my master and peace be also upon those Angels who collect around your blessed tomb and circumnutated your holy courtyard and remain present for your ziarat. Peace be upon you. So I have intended towards you and I am hopeful for achieving success in your place of audience. Salutations be upon you, the salutation of the one who recognizes your honor (able position), one who is sincere in your Wilayat, one who seeks nearness to Allah through your love. One who is aloof from your enemies. Salutations of the one whose heart is wounded due to the tribulations (suffered by you). And the one who weeps when you are remembered. Salutation of the one who is extremely grievous, dejected and forlom by the calamities (suffered by you). Salaam of the one who if he had been present with you (at KarbaIa), he would have thrown himself upon the flood of the swords and sacrificed his last drop of blood for you. And (he would have) participated with fervor in Jehad in your presence and he would have helped you against your enemies. And sacrificed for you his soul and his body, his property, his children. Even his soul would have been sacrificed for your purified soul. And his family would have sacrificed themse1ves for your family (members). Since I haw been pushed behind by the passage of time and being prevented from helping you by fate and I could not fight those who had fought you. And (since) I had rot been able to face your enemies I will continue to weep morning and evening and weep for you with tears of blood. The pain and sorrow of your caIan1iies and the painful sighs will never recede. So much so, that I will depart from this world with the same grief and sorrow of the tribula1ions suffered by you. I witness that certainly you established the prayer and gave Zakat, and enjoined good and forbade evil. You obeyed Allah and never disobeyed Him. And remained in contact with Him. And satisfied Him, and were awed by Him, and were attentive towards Him, and satisfied with His wish and will. And you promoted the sunnat (practice) of Allah and the Prophet. And annihilated corruption, and invited (people) towards the truth. And showed clearly the rightful ways. And performed Jahad like it deserves to be performed in the way of Allah. And you proved to be perfectly obedient to Allah. And you followed (perfectly) your grandfather, Mohammad - Peace be upon him and his progeny. And listened to the teachings of your father. And executed the will of your brother (Hassan a.s.) promptly. And you raised the pillars of faith and dug up the foundations of corruption. And trampled the heads of the disobedient, and (you are) the sincere advisor of the Ummat (of the Prophet). And simmer in the whirlpool of death, and you are the one who is merciful towards Islam and the Muslims, and a supporter of truth and most patient in the calamities and the protector of faith, and one who deflects those who attack it. You protect guidance and help it. And propagate justice and equity and help the religion and make it manifested and hinder and obstruct those people who consider it lowly. And extract the rights of the weak from the strong .And with regard to the orders, both of them (the weak and the strong) were equal in your eyes. And you were spring-time for the orphans and a refuge for the creatures and honor of Islam and a mine of divine laws and possessed the capability of fulfilling the needs of the needful. You walked the path of your grandfather and your father, and like your brother (Hasan) you enjoined good. And you fulfilled your duties and responsibilities with utmost readiness. Well-known for your charity, you performed the mid-night prayer. Your path was firm, benevolent among the creatures, greatest for every excellence, respectable with regard to the lineage. Your perfection was at its peak and you had an exalted position for your several Excellencies. You were of a high status and had many meritorious qualities. Your manners were praise-worthy, your bestowals were valuable. You were magnanimous! Guide! And very benevolent; Knowledgeable, a martyred Imam and one who warned the people with regards to Allah's commands). You are the son of the Hay Prophet -Peace be upon him and his progeny and a support for the Holy Quran. And the arms of the Ummat (Muslims). And the one strived much in the way of Allah's obedience. Protector of the oath and promise. You remained away from the ways d the transgressors. A Giver to those in trouble. One who prolonged the rukoo and sajdah. Unattached to the world as if you have to leave it soon. You always viewed the world with dislike. Your wishes were not worldly. You were very far from its comforts and embellishments and aloof from it's pomp. And it is well-known that your attachment is only with the Hereafter. Till the time that corruption became audacious and the slight veil lifted from the face of injustice and it summoned its cahoots for support. Then at that time you were at the sanctuary of your grandfather (Medina) and absolutely aloof from the unjust people. You sat in the prayer niche, busy in the prayers. You were far from the worldly vices and desires. You protected your heart and the tongue from every evil and in proportion to your strength and ability you kept your self secure. Then through your truth-perceptive knowledge you refused (the allegiance to Yazid) and made it incumbent upon yourself to fight against the transgressors and the corrupt. Then you immediately set out in company of your sons, family-members, followers and friends. You called the people to ward's Allah with truth and by clear and open arguments. And by wisdom and good advice. Then you ordered the establishment of lawful limits and the obedience of Allah and restrained people from evil, prohibited sinful acts. But the atrocious people oppressed you with injustice and tyranny. So you warned them of divine retribution before you made Jehad with them. And you emphasized to them and presented a firm argument against them, but inspite of this they broke every oath and allegiance regarding you. And they angered your Lord and your grandfather and initiated the attack upon you. So you also became prepared with spear and sword for the battle and attack. And you routed the army of transgressors. And you were surrounded in the dust of the battle and fighting with Zulfiqar with so much ferocity as if Ali (a.s.) was himself fighting. So when the enemies saw you to be resolute and fearless they began to plot and lay traps for you and began to fight with you with the cunning and mischief. And the accursed Umar ibne Sa ad ordered his cunning army to cut off the water supply. And all of them unleashed their atrocities towards you. They did not take into consideration their duties with respect to you. They did not hesitate to slay you and your group of followers. How great was their sin of plundering your belongings. You were bearing the tribulations of the battle with so much patience that the angels of the sky were astonished. Then the enemies surrounded you from all the sides and began to give you one injury after another and made you fatigued. No helper remained between you and your women and children. You were still deflecting the crowd of attackers with persistence and patience away from your women and children. Till the tiri1e they forced you down from the horse-back. And you descended to the earth, wounded. The horses were trampling you with their hooves. The atrocious-army fell upon you with their swords. The perspiration of death appeared on your forehead and your hands and feet folded and unfolded to the right and the left. You were beholding your wounds and your children too, when in such a situation you might not have thought of your children and family due to the severe pain. At that time your horse galloped towards your camp, weeping and neighing. When your ladies saw your rider less horse and the saddle which had slipped downwards, they became rest-less and came out of the tents. Their hair awry, they slapped their own faces and wailed and lamented. They were calling their elders and ancestors in a dejected condition after having been so much respected. They all headed towards the place of your slaughter. What a pity ! That at that time the accursed Shimr was astride your chest and was moving his sword upon your neck as he held your hair with his hand. And was slaughtering you in this way will his sword . You had become motionless and your breathing was about to stop. Till the time you were beheaded and your head was raised up on the sword. And your women were arrested like slaves and tied up with heavy iron chains and made to sit on the camels. Their faces were seared in the heat of the sun during the day. They were taken around in the desert and wilderness like homeless people. Their hands were tied to their necks. In this condition they were made to march in the markets. Woe be unto those disobedient transgressors who murdered Islam by killing you. And invalidated the prayers and fasts. And broke up the (Prophetic) practice and the (Islamic) laws. And demolished the regulations of faith. And burnt up the verses of the Quran and they rushed into transgression and rebellion. Certainly the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) became a victim of injustice, because of your death which he could not avenge. And the Book of Allah became heirless. And your harassment was actually the harassments of truth. And because you were not anymore, the calls of Allah-o-Akbar and La-ilaha-illallah lost their essence. No criteria remained for the distinguishing of the prohibited and the permitted acts. Neither the Ouran, its meaning and it's exegesis remained. And after you was the advent of open distortion in Shariat and the spread of false beliefs, and the ineffectiveness of Islamic Law. There was a surge in the selfish desires and deviations and there was an advent of corruption, transgression and evils. Thus the pleader came near the grave of your grand-father, the Prophet (Peace be upon him am his progeny) and pleaded with tears flowing from his eyes he said, '"0 Prophet of Allah! Alas! Your grandson, your children have been massacred. And Your family and your devotees have been harassed, and killed. Your progeny were taken as prisoners after your demise. And your modest descerK1an1s and dose relatives were put through untold hardships. Hence the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) became very aggrieved and his soft heart began to weep. The angels and the prophets offered condolences to him with regard to you. Your respected mother, Zahra (s.a.) was in agony because of your massacre. Armies after armies of angels arrived to offer their condolences to your respected father Amirul Momineen (a.s.). and the Maatam stated for you in the skies. Hoories of Paradise slapped their own faces in your grief. And the sky begun to weep and so did it's inhabitants and the chain of mountains began to cry. And the sea and the fishes wept. And Mecca and it's buildings and Paradise and it's young male servants and Kaaba and the Maqaam-e-Ibrahim and "Hill" and "haram" all began to sob. O Allah! For the sake of the respect of this lofty house, bestow peace upon Mohammed and the Progeny of Mohammed and include me in their company and cause me to enter heaven through their recommendation. O Allah! Seek a medium for you audience. O the one who is a swift reckoner and the most munificent of the munificent ones. And O king of kings, through Muhammad, the seal of the prophets, your messenger towards all the worlds And for the sake of his brother who is the greatest mine of knowledge and wisdom, that is Ali (a.s.), Amirul momineen and for the sake of Fatema (s.a.) the chief of the ladies of the worlds and for the sake of Imam Hasan (a.s.), the purified one and the one who is the refuge of the Muttaqeen (those who fear Allah most) and for the sake of Abi Abdillah Al Hasain (a.s.) who is the most honored of the martyrs. And by his children who ere sacrificed along with him. And for the sake of his oppressed children, and for the sake of ali Ibnul Husain Zainul aabedeen (a.s.). And for the sake of Mohammed Ibne Ali (a.s.) who is the central point of the worshipers, and for the sake of Jafar Ibne Mohammed (a.s.) who is th emost truthful among the truthful ones. And for the sake of Musa Ibne Jafar (a.s.) who propounded the clear arguments. And for the sake of Ali Ibne Musa (a.s.), the helper of religion and for the sake of Mohammed Ibne Ali (a.s.), the foremost of the guides. And Ali ibne Mohammed the most pious among the pious people. And for the sake of Hasan Ibne Ali (a.s.), the inheritor of the Imams (a.s.) and for the sake of the one who is the Proof upon all the creation. That you shower blessings upon Mohammed and the progeny of Mohammed, the most truthful ones and the best people. Those who are given titles like, Aale-Ta ha (the progeny of Ta ha) and Aale-Yaasin (the Progeny of Yaasin) and that you make me on the Day of Qiyamat as the one who is the recipient of peace, satiated, successful, joyful, and the happy one. O Allah write my name among those who submit to you and keep me attached to the righteous. And I should be remembered by those who come after me with goodness. And help me to combat the traitors and save me from the plots of the deceitful ones. And restrain from me the hands of the oppressors. And gather me with my righteous guides together and install me in the best place and position of the dwellers of Paradise. With those upon whom is your bounty. Those who are from the prophets and the truthful and martyrs and the righteous. By your Mercy, O the Most Merciful of the merciful ones. O Allah! Implore you in the name of your infallible messenger and by your command which is definite, and your prohibitions which are shunned and by this purified grave which s visited by Jinns, angels and men coming from all directions. Besides which rests the oppressed mar1yred infallible Imam (a.s.). Remove my sadness and grief and erase the undesirable part of my destiny. And give me refuge from the fire of Hell. O Allah! Heap up for me your bounties and satisfy me with your destiny (for me), and hide me in your munificence and generosity and keep me far from your punishment, from your retribution and your penalties. O Allah! Save me from every deviation and correct my speech and my actions and bestow a long life upon me and save me from disease and ailments and pain, and cause me to achieve the best of my wishes through the means of my masters and through your grace. O Allah bestow peace upon Mohammed and the Progeny of Muhammad and accept my repentance and have mercy upon my weeping and pardon my sins and remove my difficulties and Ignore my mistakes, and make my children righteous O Allah! Do not leave even a single sin of mine unpardoned at this exalted place of martyrdom. And do not leave even one of my faults exposed and remove each and every sadness and grief. And do not leave I even a bit of my sustenance without imparting it abundance. And do not leave any position unexalted. And do not leave a single prayer unanswered and do not leave any difficulty unsolved and do not leave a single restlessness unchanged by ease . And do not leave a single affair incomplete, and not a bit of wealth without bestowing increase in it. And not a single moral attitude without perfecting it. And not a single condition without making it better. And not a single evil without correcting it. And not a single jealous person, but that you destroy him. And not single a enemy without annihilating him. And not a single evil without saving me from it. And not a single malady without curing me from it. And not a single distant one without making it near. And not a single difficulty but that you remove it. And not a single wish but that you fulfill it. O Allah, certainly I invoke you for betterment of the world and for the rewards of the hereafter. O Allah bestow upon me the "halal" sustenance so that I am not in need of any "haraam". And bestow so much of your Grace upon me that I do not wish anything from your creatures. O Allah I invoke you for the useful knowledge and a fearful heart and a belief that does not harbor any doubt. And a pure action, and the best patience and a bountiful reward. O Allah give me the "Tawfeeq" to thank you for your bounties upon me and increase you blessings and mercy for me and make my advice such that people follow it and make my actions esteemed in your eyes and make my good acts such that they deserved to be followed. And destroy my enemy. O Allah send the blessings upon Mohammed and the Progeny of Mohammed. They are the best of the creations. And continue these blessings upon these personages through the days and nights. And save me from the evils of the evil-doers an purify me from sins - and their burden and give me refuge from Hell-fire. And let me dwell in Paradise, the house of the Hereafter. And give me salvation and to my brothers. And bestow for us a place in Paradise. And my sisters all of those who are the believing men and believing women. By Your Mercy O the most Merciful of all the merciful ones.